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Personalized Mini Champagnes
Personalized mini champagnes are some of best party and wedding favors we have ever seen.  At etchedwine.com, we launched them way back in 1999 (can you believe it?), and since then they have become some of our all-time best sellers. 

We offer mini champagne designs for almost every occasion --- personalized label and personalized etch alike --- with a special emphasis on wedding favors.  Scroll thru the entire collection to find the best look and feel for your party or wedding.  Rustic weddings, vintage weddings, classic romantic weddings, beach weddings, Autumn weddings, mountain weddings, you name it.  You won’t be disappointed!

Personalized Label Champagnes vs Personalized Etched Champagnes
It really comes down to you needs, budget, and look.

Custom label wines are always faster and less expensive to produce than custom etched wines, regardless of bottle size.  Labels allow us to offer endless colors and looks at a great price.  We can easily design a watercolor look for example --- very on trend, lots of color soft colors and transitions --- for a label.  A beautiful soft, warm, look, right?  These looks are perfect in a personalized label!  That look is achievable in a personalized etched mini champagne --- but it would be very expensive to make.  We do it; but not terribly often.

Personalized etched wine designs, simply take a little longer to make and are more expensive. But they’re amazing.  They’re handmade, deeply etched, and most people find them to be utterly unique. 

Most customers seem to want them etched and painted with one color due to cost considerations.  (Anything is possible though.  If you really want multiple colors in a etched favor, please contact us).  Bear in mind, even etched with a single color --- mini champagnes are show stoppers.  Pretty much everyone who receives them will comment on them. 

Remember, neither personalization method is better than the other.  They’re just different. Want a beautiful look, lots of color, and a great price?  Try personalized label favors.  Are you on a bigger budget, want or need a show stopper of a wedding favor?  Consider a personalized etched mini champagne. 

Unique Personalizations

Whichever method you choose --- be sure to make it yours.  Personalized label or personalized etching --- select a design that suits your needs, and personalize it uniquely to your hearts content.  Wine is the ultimate gift.  Personal wine --- is even more amazing.  It is utterly unique to the day, occasion, and recipient.  Happy gifting!

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