Enter to WIN! #etchedwinelove Selfie Contest July 28 2015, 0 Comments


Our First Selfie Contest!

So ... you've ordered from us recently.
Do you or a loved one have any of our etched wines handy? 


QUICK ... grab one and take a super cool photo!
Then follow us on Instagram, post the pic, and hashtag it with #etchedwinelove

You'll be automatically entered to win a full CASE of 12 etched wines.  That's a whopping $1000 value! Perfect for wedding party gifts! Or maybe holiday gifts. Or whatever. They're YOUR etched wines. Whatever you need them for, we'll etch them, personalize them, and make them absolutely beautiful for you.  (Personally, we think this could be the ultimate wedding gift, like, ever!)


Click Here and Enter to Win!