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Personalized Wine as a Congratulations Gifts 

At etchedwine.com, we think personalized wines of all kinds are one of the most thoughtful and original gift ideas imaginable. Whether you prefer personalized label wines, or personalized etched wines (aka engraved wines) --- you really can’t go wrong. They’re beautiful, unique, and personalized to the person, moment, occasion.

Personalized Congratulation Gifts … Lots of Uses

Almost anyone shopping for personal wine gift should probably browse our Congratulations collection. These designs can used for just about anything. Birthdays, weddings, housewarmings, graduations, promotions --- all kinds of personal and professional achievements. Some are elegant, others are fun. Whatever look you are going for, etchedwine.com has you covered.One thing you might want to consider is whether to go with a personalized label wine vs. personalized etched wine. 

Personalized Label Wine vs Personalized Etched Wine 

It really comes down to your preferred look, needs, and budget.Custom label wines are generally faster and less expensive to produce than personalized etched wines. They allow us to offer endless color and looks --- color fades, various print techniques, foil stamps --- things you and I often take for granted. These techniques give your personalized label a little extra personality. A gold foil “Congratulaions!” for example can be very elegant. Whereas an earthy kraft label can be very homey, handcrafted and Etsy-ish.Personalized etched wines, by contrast, take a little longer to make and are a little more expensive to make. But they’re ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS. They’re entirely handmade, deeply etched, and most customers find them to be incredibly distinctive.In our regular catalog, we only produce a limited full color etched wine designs, because they’re generally a bit too expensive for common gifting, and they can take much longer to produce. And most customers simply prefer gold and/or silver because the look is stunning. *Full color etching is something we do every day, and we do offer a limited number of beautiful full color etched wine designs in our common catalog. But usually for more collectible pieces, corporate gifting. World records, corporate logos, sports teams, international events etc.Remember, neither personalization method is better than the other. They’re just different. Want a beautiful look, lots of color, and a great price? Try personalized label wine. Little bigger budget, want a show stopper, or celebrating a truly significant achievement or event? Consider a personalized etched wine. 

 Unique Personalizations 

Whichever method you choose --- make it yours. Personalized label or personalized etching --- simply select a design that suits your needs, and personalize to your hearts content. Wine is the ultimate gift. Personal wine --- is doubly perfect. It is utterly unique to the day, occasion recipient. Happy gifting! 

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