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Personalized Wine Wedding Gifts 

At etchedwine.com, we think personalized wines of all kinds are one of the most thoughtful and original gift ideas available. Whether you prefer personalized label wines, or personalized etched wines (sometimes called engraved wines) --- you really can’t go wrong. They’re beautiful, unique, and generally show stoppers! And in the world of personalized wines, WEDDINGS are one of our biggest and busiest categories. Personalized wine as wedding gifts come in many shapes and sizes, to suit many needs.

Personalized Wine for Engagement Announcements 

We product a beautiful line of engagement announcement and Save-the-Date designs, both as personalized label wines, and personalized etched wines. These are a great way to announce the good news!

Personal Wine for Bridal Party Gifts

One of our hottest categories. Order 5 or 6 personalized wines, and create a unique message on each. Or save a little money, order 5 or 6 with the same heartfelt message of gratitude and thanks. Either way, the bridal party will love their customized wine.

Personalized Mini Champagne Wedding Favor

Another of our hottest categories! Mini-champagnes are amazing --- a great way to send guests home with a memento of your special day. We offer a whole host of personalized label designs and personalized etched wine 

designs featuring all kinds of common wedding looks and themes. Simply personalize them and make them unique to YOU.

Guest Book Bottles

These are LARGE bottles; ginormous really. And they really grab a lot of attention. Have the guests sign them with a gold or silver felt tipped pen --- and you have yourself a true keepers. These are one of the most unique personal etched wine products out there. These. Are. Stunning.

Personalized Label Wine vs Personalized Etched Wines for Weddings

Custom LABEL wines are generally faster and less expensive than personalized etched / engraved wines. They also offer us endless color and embellishments options (foil stamp, for example) that give your label a little extra design personality.Personalized etched wines (aka engraved wines), by contrast, take a little longer and are a little more expensive to make. But they’re ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS. They’re entirely handmade, deeply etched, and most customers find them to be uniquely distinctive.Neither personalization method is better than the other. They’re just different. Want a beautiful look, lots of color, at a great price price? Try personalized labels. Want a mindblowing memento? Consider etched wine. You can even do both. Maybe personalize some mini champagnes with custom labels as favors, but splurge a little on a magnificent Guest Book Bottle --- always a showstopper --- to save as an incredible commemorative piece of the special day.

Unique Personalizations

Whichever method you choose --- personalized label or personalized etching --- simply select a design that best suits your needs, and be sure to personalize to your hearts content. The beauty of personalized anything is that you are making a unique, one-of-kind thing. Enjoy!

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