We reached 2,000 Likes!  Here's your $20 etched wine ... September 25 2015, 0 Comments

Yay!  :)

You remember how this works?
Every time we reach 1000 new Likes or Follows, we offer you $20 etched wines*
for a full week. Well, last week we just breezed by 2,000 Likes on FB!

So here's your $20 code:  Facebook20

Go forth and shop in peace!
And if you haven't Liked or Followed us yet, go give it a shot! 
We'll happily return the favor at the next 1000 Likes and/or Follows! 

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Thanks again.  And Happy Gifting.


*$20 is the promotional starting price and includes full sized bottles only, not mini bottles.
Upgrades still apply, but from the $20 starting price. Mini-bottles are on separate special for 30% OFF,
just use code FAVORS30.